Patio Heaters

Patio Heaters

So you’re looking to buy a patio heater? Well there are many things to consider when it comes to choosing the right one to fit your needs. In this post we are going to go over several different types of patio heaters and help you determine which might be the better fit for you.

Patio heaters come in many styles and shapes. There are electric patio heaters to the propane patio heaters. Depending on the type of setup you have you will need to determine which heater will best suit your patio. An outdoor patio heater can add a great amount to your patio for events or just the casual lounging around. Depending on the type and size you get you can easily warm your entire patio.

The electric patio heater has many features that make it the most preferred buy out of the available heaters. The reason why and which most people don’t consider is that they are not effected by the wind and you do not have to refuel them over time. With the other types of heaters you may have a flame and if it’s windy outside you will find yourself having to relight the heater or not getting the proper heat distribution as you would like. And with the other type of heaters you will have to refuel it over time meaning making trips to the store with tanks etc.

There are also several types of electric patio heaters which include the kind that hang on the wall that are rectangle shaped that have coils that heat down on you. Others look like the standard you see that has the umbrella shape top to it. So no matter what style you’re looking for you will find it. You also need to consider that you can find more safe versions of an electric heater than you can with the other styles.

The down side to electric patio heaters is that they do use electric and can cost you more than a propane patio heater. Also the electric patio heater tends to give off an orange type glow that can make everything look an orange tinge. And one of the last things is that you may need a dedicated power source depending on the amps required etc. Over all it really depends on what you’re looking for.

The other style of outdoor patio heaters that you will find is the propane patio heater. These types of heaters you will find at many outdoor restaurants and clubs. They usually stand up tall and push the heat down over your. They have many styles and some even have great looking open flames that can give you that look you may be looking for.  These style of heaters can be run off of propane or you can even find a natural gas patio heater.

The down side to the gas or propane patio heaters is that you have to refuel them and if it’s windy you have to deal with the flame going out etc. So you may want to consider going with an electric patio heater if you live in an area that is commonly known to be windy.

You can find that outdoor patio heaters can run anywhere from 100 to 1000 dollars or more. Some of the most popular electric heaters are the 1,500 watt Solaria All-Season Quartz Patio heater. While the more popular propane patio heater is the 11,000 BTU Endless Summer 92000 Tabletop heater. These both are very affordable and can do the job that you are looking for.

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