Creating a 3D Construction Project on the Computer

Creating a 3D Construction Project on the Computer

The first time I witnessed a 3D project on a computer was a home improvement show. The designer created a redesigned room and took the homeowner and viewers on a trip through the virtual 3D space.

Create 3D projects through special computer programs such as AutoCAD, the first and most common of the special 2D and 3D programs. Different programs allow you to design various projects such as:
– Construction
– Mechanical or aeronautical engineering
– Vehicle, airplane and ship designs
– Architecture

Construction Project

Using a construction project as an example, a 3D design allows you to create a building or a housing division on a computer. The advantage of 3D is the ability to see the entire structure instead of one side.

The software also allows you to open one side of the building and look inside at the various floors.

For instance, creating an office building with 10 floors allows you to peer inside at how to design each individual level, such as where to place certain offices, restrooms, and a break area.

CAD Software

CAD stands for computer-aided design and draft, replacing manual efforts. The program has both top and bottom bars allowing you to navigate through the system. A drop down menu from the file tab allows you to choose a new drawing.

Choose between imperial or metric, and then click on the gear icon in the bottom toolbar. Another drop down menu appears, allowing you to choose 2D or 3D drafting and annotation.

Practice with the software creating boxes and triangles to get the feel for operating the program. As you become familiar with the software, branch out by designing a home or other construction project.

Software Features

3D software not only creates and designs buildings for a construction project, but it also allows you to determine how to wire and plumb a building. Create and design streets in a subdivision or landscaping around buildings as well.

A 3D design and draft program eliminates or reduces the need for paper drafts as well as minimizing the time needed to create a project. The program saves results and sends the file to other computers for inspection and approval.

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