Belgian tapestry has advantages

Belgian tapestry has advantages

Whether you are looking for a fine Art Deco pieces of the wall, buy antiques, historical significance, or a meaningful gift to their own thing, you can not go wrong with the Belgian tapestries. Belgian culture and history of a large part, tapestries here are the most durable, can be said that the whole of Europe and the world of high quality.

They easily add a unique class and elegance to any home. There are so many benefits have Belgian tapestries, both practical and fashionable. Tapestries have been produced for hundreds of years in Belgium, like the early 12th century. Jacquard loom until the introduction, which is very close to Belgium, was founded back in 1808, every Belgian tapestries are hand woven by skilled workers, most of them fled from France during the war years knitting. With so many textile workers to settle in Belgium, a Belgian tapestry hand part of the culture, so that the Belgians is currently the world’s most reputable manufacturers of tapestry.

Belgian tapestry of one of the most popular will be a copy of the 11th century Bayeux tapestry. The original Bayeux Tapestry was created as between Hastings and the British in the infamous Battle of Normandy Vision 1066 document, and is a treasured piece of British history. The tapestry of the earliest preserved copies of Belgium Belgian tapestry and authentic medieval style, but the scene is to come together, completely separate from each other. Bayeux tapestry of individual scenes is a beautiful work of art itself, but there are some who attempt to reproduce the entire collection of people.

If you are not interested in war scenes, it may be more complex tapestry Beatrix will attract your eye. Belgian tapestry to be focused on these types of works, and drew attention to the people who see it. There are several themes in the Beatrix tapestries, such as found in the beautiful natural scenery, wildlife, lush gardens, romantic concepts. Many of them are drawings from the Renaissance art of tapestry, but to provide modern Beatrix tapestries.

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Belgium antique tapestry is another option, if you want a real investment into a number of works of art. Although the true prevalence of Belgian tapestry of the oldest museum and home storage room, you can find the truth is that more than 100-year-old Belgian tapestries. Jacquard loom before, completely changed the production of tapestry weaving, only those capable of great wealth, to bear their homes tapestries, Belgian tapestries which means that today’s antiques market is likely to have been royal property. As you can see, there are several good reasons to buy Belgian tapestry decoration than for other purposes. In addition to the project is the most beautiful decoration for your home, you can rely on great value and significance of things to pass on for centuries, through your family.